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Our Processes

Preconstruction - We conduct detailed planning to scope the project based on business needs to meet customer project expectations.  We establish cost, quality, and schedule targets and develop a change management plan.  We will also conduct market analysis to include site traffic, customer demographics and lease terms to give you the competitive advantage before construction begins.  Our engineering staff will review every phase of the project to ensure feasibility.  We are committed to communications to ensure a common understanding and set expectations among project team members.

Our analysis includes:  
Preconstruction Estimating   
Feasibility Studies Scheduling
MEP Review Constructability Review   
Risk Management
Market Analysis Cost Control Quality Control

Construction - During the construction phase it's our job to monitor progress using appropriate tools and techniques.  By adhering to strict change order documentation and implementing structured change management processes, we stay on top of the job to avoid unexpected delays.  Our professional project management team monitors risks and quality, and implements approved workarounds required to minimize the impact of the changing circumstances inevitable during a large project.

Our policies and oversight:
Progress Monitoring Change Order Management   
Quality inspection/testing

Post Construction -  No job is finished until the follow-up is done, and we don't stop our commitment to quality and detail when you open your doors for business. Throughout the process we will be providing you with the paperwork you need to operate your new space effectively, and listening carefully to your feedback and concerns throughout the project close-out phase.

Lien releases O&M Manuals
Final Closeout Various walk-through(s)     
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